Our approach to business

We have an overall strategic goal in our approach to business. This is underlined by our strong desire to always deliver exceptional customer service. Serving customers is not just about profit but also creating an enduring brand that will outlive generations.

We realize that customer needs are constantly changing and that a good customer service yesterday will not necessarily count as good customer service tomorrow. So we are constantly monitoring and tracking how satisfied customers are with our services.

For us to deliver exceptional customer service consistently, we deliberately make efforts to understand our customers intimately, treat them fairly and with empathy while keeping all dealings with customers highly confidential, offering them the best advice to manage their personal or business financial matters.

We fully realize we have to take risks, however we are conscious of the need to manage the level of risks we have to take without compromising the massive trust of our customers.

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Investment Solutions

We provide you with a comprehensive range of investment solutions, from execution-only stockbroking services, to advisory services, fund solutions and discretionary asset management services.

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Trust and Fiduciary

With Global Capital Funding Incorporation, you are assured that the best long-term plans for legacy wealth management have been put in place – ensuring the next generation can build on the foundation of wealth you have created.

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Risk Solutions

Global Capital Funding Incorporation designs risk management strategies for our clients through the identification, analysis and prioritisation of risks, followed by a process of implementing risk solutions to minimise, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

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Specialised Lending

Wealth creation requires that assets and debt work together in a cost-effective manner. Our specialised lending products offer you innovative, flexible solutions, designed to maximise your wealth potential.

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Philanthropic Services

Families can have a huge range of interests and aspirations when it comes to philanthropy. Whether it is a strategic aim to alleviate poverty in Africa across generations, or a tactical desire to help a specific school to build a classroom, or a hospital to buy equipment, Global Capital Funding Incorporation can help on each step of the journey towards achieving your philanthropic goals.

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Capital Investments

Global Capital Funding Incorporation invests throughout the capital structure in a diversified portfolio of global public and private securities, pursuing a value oriented investment approach with a primary focus on the creation of long-term value and a bias towards capital preservation.

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